About Our School

Dean's Welcome

LHA’s success, awards, and accolades are a result of many factors; faculty and student relationships, out-of-the-box programming, and the close knit family atmosphere. Our spiritual leader, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, understood how vital this work is. After all, Judaism’s future depends on the next generation.

Together, our efforts will yield great dividends for our people. We recognize the power of integrating our academic know-how with your life’s experience. Our staff have been entrusted with a sacred task, but we at LHA cannot do it alone

Rabbi Yossie Denburg, Dean

Mission Statement

By providing a nurturing, and motivating environment based on the values of Torah and Chassidus, we will develop in our students a lifelong commitment to Torah and Mitzvos;
an awareness of Hashem’s loving and detailed involvement in our lives;
the ability to be independent and life-long learners;
the refined character and personal life skills needed to live with integrity, joy and confidence, and a commitment to serve in our community.


“If we wish to have a future generation of identifiable, Torah observant Jews, we must involve ourselves in the guidance of children from the youngest age in the proper Torah path.” (Hashlichus Hachinuchis B’igros Ha’Rebbe)

The Lubavitch Hebrew Academy School, founded at the behest of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, believes that every Jewish child has a “birthright” to an authentic Torah education of the highest academic standards, along with an excellent general education to enable him/her to grow into a productive, successful, and committed member of the larger Jewish and world community.

As emissaries of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, the world view of Chabad philosophy guides our vision and propels us forward. Our vision is a school where any Jewish child, regardless of affiliation, can receive instruction at his/her level with the view to advancement in all areas.

Different backgrounds and levels of knowledge and observance should enrich the school population, and nurture our empathy and acceptance of all Jews as expected of us in the verse, “כמוך לרעך ואהבת”.

Until recently a Jew could be isolated from or assimilated into the world. Our vision is not a compromise between these two.

It is a bold new course charted by the Rebbe’s view of a Jew’s place in the world. Our goal is to educate children to be more than personally observant, rather that they will see themselves as G-d’s personal ambassador to perceive the good in the world, and to bring their own corner of the world closer to the purpose for which it was created.




In 1985, the Lubavitcher Rebbe sent a young couple, Rabbi Yossie & Rivka Denburg, to educate Jewish children in Broward/Palm Beach counties. Their original class had 4 early childhood youngsters; today the Hebrew Academy’s 400 students are part of a highly-respected, much-awarded, fully-accredited Day School. It even created two affiliated high schools, Rohr Bais Chaya Academy [girls] and the Mesivta of Coral Springs [boys].

Morphing from the Denburg’s living-room to rented synagogue space, and then to its first building, LHA is now a 32,500 sq. feet facility which includes a 5,000 square foot state-of-the-art gymnasium. A school’s history, however, is more than the number of students it educates and the size of its campus; it’s the story of individuals who first came as children and who eagerly returned as parents.

It’s the story of pupils who are now Rabbis, surgeons, teachers, lawyers, family therapists, Israeli soldiers, American entrepreneurs and proud Jews who fondly remember were their Jewish journey began, the Lubavitch Hebrew Academy.

  • LHA was founded in 1985
  • Original class had 4 early childhood youngsters
  • Now a 32,500 sq. ft facility & a 5,000 sq. ft gymnasium
  • A private yet affordable Jewish K-8 school
  • Always working to enhance the school’s infrastructure
  • Built on the believe that all Jewish children should have access to Torah learning

School Educational Philosophy

We believe that:

Opportunities must be provided for all Jewish children to receive excellence in Jewish and general studies education. Should a child require services not available at our school, we will guide the parents in identifying suitable placement.

A quality program must include a caring and nurturing environment in which children can flourish while discovering their strengths.

Students should be taught respect for all individuals regardless of background.

Students should be aware of their civic responsibilities and be prepared to become productive, committed members of their family, community and people.

In order for students to achieve the highest level of learning, they must be taught a love of learning and an understanding of the learning process.

The safe use of technology can greatly enhance one’s pursuit of knowledge.

Loyalty to Judaism cannot be separated from Jewish learning.

A well-rounded education goes beyond traditional classroom teaching and should expose children to the arts, physical wellness, and athletics.

The creation of the State of Israel is an important event in Jewish history. Recognizing the significance of Israel and its institutions, we seek to instill in our students an attachment to Eretz Yisrael and its people as well as a sense of responsibility for their welfare

Through professional instruction, the Torah can be made accessible in its original, unadulterated form to every child.

The teaching of ethical and moral values and the development of midos tovos (good character traits) are an important component of complete education.

Effective Jewish education is achieved by promoting spiritual and ritual observances. Special care is taken to instill an appreciation of the importance of being midakdek (punctilious) in halacha (Jewish law) and minhagim (custom).

It is important to appreciate what it means to be an American. Students should be aware of current events in their community and worldwide.

We believe that the students of the Hebrew Academy, through a well-balanced religious and general studies education, will be capable of functioning as dedicated men and women in the context of the American society emotionally, academically, socially and spiritually.

We strive to:

Teach students to study and comprehend material in a wide array of content areas. Teach students to develop self-responsibility. Teach children to respect their physical and personal environments.

Prepare students to achieve to their highest potential.

Instill in students an intellectual curiosity. Impart to our students the total Lubavitch Hebrew Academy philosophy


Employment Opportunities

As Lubavitch Hebrew Academy continues to grow, we are looking to add qualified individuals to our staff. Please email your resume to Jobs@HebrewAcademy.org