Judaic Studies

Judaic studies

The goal of Judaic  Studies at HACS is  for each student to be engaged in religious  growth and to identify as proud, confident, and humble Modern Orthodox Jews.

Our classes are grouped by different skill levels and by gender. The classes that comprise our Judaic Studies curriculum include:

Unit Name Date Assignments
Oral Law: Gemara/ Torah Shebaal Peh גמרא/ תורה שבעל פה
Bava Kama
Hilchot Berachot and Tefilla
Mitzvot Bein Adam L'chaveiro
Shabbat and Lifecycle Events
Kashrut, Contemporary Halachic Issues, and Medical Ethics
Pentateuch: Chumash חומש
Prophets and Writings: Neviim and Ketuvim נ״ך
Hebrew עברית
Short Tours of the Night Sky April 18, 2016 2
Cooperative Study: Beit Midrash בית מדרש
Jewish Thought: Hashkafah השקפה
Night Seder and Mishmar סדר ערב ומשמר

Important Dates

Classes Resume

Classes Resume

Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan Assembly*

Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan Assembly*