Personalized Learning is designed to respond to the learning curve of individuals and small groups, rather than a whole class setting.   As students are more engaged, they are more likely to feel appropriately challenged and are more likely to receive timely and specific feedback.  Effective learning is promoted by requiring students to take an active role in their learning process.

More opportunities are created for the teacher to meet with their students in small groups or in one-on-one settings.  Teachers can get to know their students better and develop deeper, more meaningful relationships with them.   By encouraging students to be reflective about their learning and to take responsibility for their learning paths, to the greatest extent possible, various learning needs and interests will be addressed. Ongoing data collection further directs students’ learning.

Technology in the classroom which can be “blended” with traditional methods of learning, can increase access to learning resources beyond what any one teacher can offer on their own.

“Low-tech” personalized learning and data collection opportunities can be designed and implemented in a way that facilitates multiple modalities of learning, which is often more engaging and effective for students. From  voice recording to practice reading text aloud simultaneously, to the ability to create higher quality presentations, students are given the ability to be creative in new ways. Timely feedback and the ability to edit work using the feedback is another benefit.

LHA is committed to professional development in this area through ongoing coaching and training.