Three Decades & Still Growing

In 1985, the Lubavitcher Rebbe sent a young couple, Rabbi Yossie & Rivka Denburg, to educate Jewish children in Broward/Palm Beach counties. Their original class had 4 early childhood youngsters; today the Hebrew Academy’s 400 students are part of a highly-respected, much-awarded, fully-accredited Day School. It even created two affiliated high schools, Rohr Bais Chaya Academy [girls] and the Mesivta of Coral Springs [boys].

Morphing from Denburg’s living room to rented synagogue space, and then to its first building, LHA is now a 32,500 sq. feet facility that includes a 5,000 square foot state-of-the-art gymnasium. A school’s history, however, is more than the number of students it educates and the size of its campus; it’s the story of individuals who first came as children and who eagerly returned as parents.

It’s the story of pupils who are now Rabbis, surgeons, teachers, lawyers, family therapists, Israeli soldiers, American entrepreneurs, and proud Jews who fondly remember where their Jewish journey began, the Lubavitch Hebrew Academy.

  • LHA was founded in 1985
  • The original class had 4 early childhood youngsters
  • Now a 32,500 sq. ft facility & a 5,000 sq. ft gymnasium
  • A private yet affordable Jewish K-8 school
  • Always working to enhance the school’s infrastructure
  • Built on the belief that all Jewish children should have access to Torah learning