Great Happens Here

Dear Friends,

 I hope and trust that you and your family had a healthful and restful summer. We, on the other hand, were miserably missing your children. So to get over the blues, we cleaned the campus, prepared classrooms, ordered books, updated curricular materials; tweaked schedules, met with teachers and parents (who asked) and ensured that everything be in place for an exciting, inspiring and successful new school year.

 During this time, my personal highlight was meeting with students who successfully completed their summer assignments. As each child filed into my office, the expressions of pride were palpable. It was a profoundly important reminder that our mandate as educators is not only to teach, but to ensure that every child – regardless of age, learning style or disposition – experiences a sense of personal accomplishment, self-esteem, pride, recognition and success.

 A school curriculum is first and foremost the foundation upon which to build educational excellence; in our case “the HASC Way”.  But to achieve true excellence we must inspire our students to achieve “greatness” through perseverance, motivation, continuous feedback and reinforcement.

 We sincerely look forward to providing our students with the best any school can offer. HACS is blessed to have a cadre of outstanding faculty who are passionately committed to this philosophy. From the wonderment of STEM to the profundity of Language Arts, from the application of Math to the expansiveness of Social Studies, Art plus History, and combined with our unbeatable Judaic curriculum, we will continue to provide an enriched opportunity to expand knowledge, creativity and critical thinking skills. It’s going to be a great New School Year.

 This year’s Dr. B’s BLOG will focus on our School’s curricular accomplishments against a backdrop of trends in education on the national and global levels

 With warm wishes for a New School Year of Excellent Health, Growth, Fulfillment and Accomplishment!