Anti-Semitism in Congress

The 44th mayor of Chicago has spoken. You may better remember him as Rahm Emanuel, President Obama’s Jewish Chief of Staff. Here is an excerpt from his most recent article. “Representative Ilhan Omar [Muslim Congresswoman from Minnesota] has attracted much news coverage…for promoting some ugly tropes about Jews…Questioning congressional support for Israel, she blamed the […]


I did not watch this year’s Oscars. No surprise, I didn’t watch last year’s. In fact, I’ve never watched it. But in 2012, on the short list for best Foreign Language Film were movies from the very two countries that the world worries about most, Israel and Iran. As it turned out, Hollywood passed on […]


In October 2001, the nephew of Saudi Arabia’s King Fahd, Prince Al Waleed toured the ruins of Ground Zero with New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. The Prince, the world’s sixth-wealthiest person, gave the mayor a $10,000,000 donation followed by this statement: Our Palestinian brethren continue to be slaughtered at the hands of the Israelis while […]


Public schools in Dayton, Ohio were just closed for three days due to snow and below-zero winds. What’s interesting with snow days is that schools are often the first public institutions to close. Other government establishments like post offices remain open. The same is true for banks, offices and malls.  Perhaps one explanation is that […]


Let’s be honest, we hardly ever get it right the first time. Hence, life is a series of blunders. Is it supposed to be this way? One might be forgiven if they answered no.  After all, every time one of my mistakes is about to explode in my face, my gut screams: “Nooo! This should not be […]


Recently, Chabad communities were stunned by an expose regarding the Mezuzah industry. There were accusations of fraud and non-kosher mezuzos. Of course there were counterclaims. Just last week, a lawsuit was filed in a New York Bet Din (Jewish court) and both sides are digging in. And you thought all the action was in Washington! […]